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О компании мадек

The company "MADEK" performs "TURNKEY" a full range of works on the creation of primary, backup and guaranteed power supply systems.

Year of foundation of the company "MADEK" - 1991.

The motto of the company "MADEK" - "Non-volatility is a pleasure!».

All the work that the company "MADEK" performs in the design, production, installation and service meets the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001.

Specialists of the company "MADEK" perform:

  1. Engineering audit of objects of any complexity;
  2. Design, supply, manufacture and implementation of the following systems:
    • systems of primary, backup and guaranteed power supply based on generator equipment, uninterruptible power supplies and auxiliary equipment;
    • low and medium voltage distribution systems;
    • remote monitoring and dispatch systems;
  3. Supply of diesel power plants;
  4. Supply of gas piston power plants;
  5. Supply of static and dynamic uninterruptible power supplies;
  6. Design and implementation of biogas cogeneration power plants;
  7. Construction and electrical work;
  8. Commissioning of construction projects in the energy sector in state executive bodies;
  9. Design and manufacture of special-purpose generator sets.

The company "MADEK" leases diesel generators and switching equipment.

The company "MADEK" performs a full range of service work 24/7 throughout Ukraine.

The MADEK company employs more than 130 people, including more than 60 people in the service department (central and regional).

The total floor space of the MADEK company is more than 5’000 sq.m.