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fg wilson в УкраинеFG WILSON (Great Britain) is the world's largest manufacturer of diesel and gas piston generator sets with capacity from 7 to 2,500 kVA.
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Diesel generator selection

Guaranteed electricity supplies to various facilities help to solve critical tasks in a timely manner. A practical solution to the problem would be the installation of power plants and generators, such as diesel generators running on diesel fuel. The advantage is that they can be used as an autonomous source of electricity for a long period of time.

FG WILSON is a company with a worldwide reputation. For fifty years, the company has been manufacturing diesel and gas power plants. Every year it produces more than 130 thousand generating sets, 90% of which are exported; Buy diesel power plants in Kiev and throughout Ukraine is possible with the company "MADEK".

The MADEK company is the exclusive distributor of the FG WILSON trademark in Ukraine. She has vast experience in creating complexes of autonomous and guaranteed energy supply. Today, MADEK has installed and services 4,020 generators of the FG WILSON trademark, with a total capacity of more than 451,000 kVA.

Diesel generators can be installed both outdoors and indoors, depending on the type of execution: open and bonnet. The hood protects the diesel generator from mechanical damage and bad weather. In addition, this installation has a low noise level. Diesel generators in the hood can work in open areas without the use of auxiliary facilities. Outdoor generators can only be installed indoors.

FG WILSON brand diesel generators use the original FG WILSON and Perkins engines. Liquid-cooled engines operate at low speeds. Such engines significantly increase installation quality, increase reliability and simplify the operation process. Diesel power station of the FG WILSON trademark is a profitable investment that ensures energy independence. She will serve more than a dozen years!

"MADEK" is a leading supplier of diesel power plants in Ukraine. You can order the generator of interest to you from a warehouse with delivery throughout Ukraine, as well as consumables and accessories. On the territory of "MADEK" is the largest in Ukraine service center for servicing diesel generators. The FG WILSON authorized training center allows you to train high-quality specialists in the operation and maintenance of generators.

Thanks to this, the MADEK warranty obligations to its customers are fully implemented, efficiently and promptly. The response time of service teams to travel around Ukraine is minimized, which ensures the leading position of MADEK in the diesel generator service market. Diesel generators in Kiev and are under qualified supervision throughout Ukraine.

If you want to buy a reliable and high-quality diesel generator of European quality and provide it with many years of work, the best choice for you would be a diesel generator of the FG WILSON trademark purchased from MADEK in: Kiev, Kiev region, Odessa, Odessa region, Kharkov, Kharkov region, Dnipro, Lviv.