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Measuring instruments: multimeters and power quality analyzers

logo satecSATEC control and measuring devices (Israel) (Catalog)

SATEC LTD.– A recognized world leader in the development, manufacture of instruments and systems for quality control and electricity metering.
SATEC manufactures a wide range of equipment, from basic versions of multimeters to sophisticated electronic instruments for quality analysis, metering, and automation.

Power Quality Analyzer

SATEC instrumentation is a modern, high-precision and multi-functional equipment, distinguished primarily by its impeccable production quality and excellent consumer characteristics. Presented in a rather rich assortment of goods, it will allow you to measure a variety of quantities, including voltage, frequency, power, current or energy. Due to the presence of digital inputs, SATEC devices monitor various external factors, while interacting with other equipment located in the room.

Almost all SATEC devices have become demanded and popular due to their unlimited scope, providing the opportunity to use this equipment by specialists in different fields of activity. Among them, it is worth noting electricians, engineers, substation operators, electric panel developers, as well as many other employees of domestic enterprises. The undoubted advantage of working with the equipment presented on the site is that some SATEC devices can analyze the data obtained by constructing informative graphs.

Organization of a system of technical accounting of electricity (ASTUE)