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Our customers

Data processing centers (DPC) Industry Fuel and
Energy Complex
Public health and municipal facilities
Hotel complexes
Hotel complexes
Financial institutions
Financial institutions
 Rural residential complexes and cottages Hotel, office, retail and entertainment complexes Banks , financial institutions


SPE "MADEK" provides services for the development of pre-solutions, project documentation, baseline data collection from local authorities and design a complete package of permits in the state regulatory bodies. Your search for NPP "Madek" provide full technical documentation supplied equipment needed for the design. With us you can always get advice on the design decisions.


Here you can order:

  • Services to collect baseline data in local government (urban conditions and restrictions of land development, the necessary technical conditions);
  • Performance of individual sections or projects in general systems of guaranteed, basic electricity, cogeneration systems and mini-power plants;
  • Implementation of projects impact assessment (EIA);
  • Performance of individual sections or projects in general fire fighting and fire alarm systems;
  • Performing works by passing examination of project documentation in supervising government bodies.

soglasovanieAs of 2013 about 2,000 facilities under
the leadership of NPP "MADEK":

  • Passed examination in the state regulatory bodies;
  • Obtained a building permit and registered Declaration of the beginning of construction works;
  • Received approvals for equipment connection to electric networks;
  • Commissioned by obtaining certificates of compliance and registration of declarations of readiness objects for use in the State Architectural and Construction Inspection;
  • Decorated in the bodies of Environmental Protection (Ministry of Environmental Protection) permits for discharges of pollutants into the air.






  • License of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine AB series number 557872 dated 30.12.2010.
  • License of the State Department of Fire Safety Emergencies of Ukraine series AG № 506212 dated 31.12.2010.

Our solutions:

  • Authorization to operate equipment increased risk of 30.08.2013 № 3017.13.32 of the Territorial Administration of the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine in Kyiv region and Kyiv;
  • Permission to perform hazardous work from 30.08.2013 № 3012.13.32 of the Territorial Administration of the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine in Kyiv region and Kyiv;
  • Permission to continue the execution of high hazard № 69.11.32-31.10.2 from 21.09.2009 Territorial Department of the State Committee of Ukraine for Industrial Safety, Labour Protection and Mining Supervision in the Kiev region and the city of Kyiv;
  • Certificate of attestation electrical laboratory number PT-378/10 from 08.11.2010
  • etc.

Our Certifications:

  • Certificate of quality management system.
    This is to certify that the quality management system regarding the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance systems and emergency backup power supply meets the requirements of the quality standard DSTU ISO 9001-2009 from 03.02.2012.


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